Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

Our Lipton-scorched tongues told no lies

When we sang those early morning hymns.

This was before seven hours of

Dozing, learning, reciting and

Staring out of windows wondering where

The dirt-covered road lead.

Laundry, comic book art and name-calling

Followed hurried lunches.

Those soiled roll-on deodorant balls

We smacked around with our new sandals,

Made good tennis games better.

We would compete or cheer in the

Occasional grappling and quarrelling

Over which superhero was strongest.

As evening arrived and skies cooled,

A good shower or contraband perfume

Masked our uncultured selves

When we greeted pretty counterparts for night…

Photo by Jordan Madrid on Unsplash

On a whim I took a train to nowhere.

A stowed vehicle reminded me of

My dad’s old whip

And how it wheezed and cracked when it hit

Those burnt out Lagos roads.


Oh captain, my captain!

I have found that conformity,

Though restraining,

Is peace and warmth reassuring;

’Tis a life of comforting meals and ravenous dreams.


To have freedom is to nibble away

At joy till it becomes intoxicating.

To loosen up oneself and

Plunge into the unknown

Is to dare Death but truly live.


When ambitious youth dream,

Do they wake up to know that

All roads converge in one?

That flying too close to the sun

Will only leave them undone?

iPhone 7 front photo by Sara Kurfess — Unsplash

I remember creating my first social media account and being prompted to follow a suggested list of popular accounts. I remember asking for a follow back from every new person I followed, both friends and strangers. I remember the flood of unusual excitement that followed a ping from my phone. I remember feeling rejected when, after hours, there were no engagements on my posts; no comments, no shares, no retweets, no new follows and no likes. I remember admiring people who had several followers and viral activity on their profiles. I remember the feeling of want and lack while I…

Tomisin Jenrola

Constantly Learning

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